Hey guys, its ok to have feelings sometimes, we won’t tell. Did you know that a balanced endocrine system aids to healthy testosterone production, which aids to things like a happy mood? Balanced levels of “T” in the male body, is kind of similar to having superhero powers. Not the least of these powers are, support for the heart, cardio vascular system and libido!

Shutran was formulated with a healthy, balanced endocrine system in mind. An empowering essential oil blend specially formulated for men to boost feelings of masculinity and confidence. Shutran’s aroma makes it perfect for use as a cologne and appeals to both men and women.


SHUTRAN ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND Idaho Blue spruce, Ocotea, Ylang ylang, Hinoki, Coriander, Davana, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon and Northern Lights Black spruce oil. Apply 2-4 drops 2 times daily or as needed to neck or wrists.

SHUTRAN SHAVE CREAM delivers an incredibly close, smooth shave. Combining hydrating palm, grape seed, and olive oils, naturally derived vitamin E complex, and mango and cocoa butter, this luxurious shave cream provides a frictionless glide to reduce razor burn and nicks.

SHUTRAN AFTERSHAVE LOTION makes you feel as good as your shave looks. This 100% plant-based aftershave soothes, freshens, and calms skin after you’ve roughed up your skin shaving. Made with the Shutran™ essential oil blend, organic coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel extract, dandelion root extract, and aloe vera, this aftershave won’t dry out your skin and is perfectly moisturizing. The aroma combined with your soft skin is kissably sexy.

SHUTRAN BEARD OIL features the great scent of the original Shutran essential oil blend and is specially crafted to soften, condition, and add a healthy-looking sheen to facial hair while moisturizing the skin underneath. Designed to absorb easily into hair and give it a soft, natural-looking shine. Formulated with pure ingredients such as apricot kernel oil and wolfberry seed oil, this beard oil will help keep your skin hydrated and leave your beard smelling great with the masculine scent of Shutran.

SHUTRAN BAR SOAP  is a vegan-friendly bar of soap that provides a creamy lather that cleanses the skin without over-drying, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Made with Shutran essential oil blend, olive oil, shea butter, wolfberry seed oil, and jojoba oil, Shutran Bar Soap is gentle on skin, while the activated carbon gives the bar its distinct gray color and deodorizing and cleansing properties. Plus, the 100 percent plant-based formula was created without synthetic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, glycols, sulfates, synthetic dyes or colorants, or EDTA, so it’s a clean you and the little lady can feel good about!


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